Buttiezzz Daily & Buttiezzz Intense – Baby bottom spray

Does your baby or toddler have diaper rash and red bums? Then our baby bottom spray offers a solution! Our Buttiezzz product range is on the one hand based on prevention and on the other hand on recovery. It’s difficult to determine in advance whether your little one will have a lot of diaper rash. But it is a fact that the delicate bums have to be protected against the daily portions of pee and poop. Because every portion of pee or poop affects the natural protective layer of the skin.

That is why we have chosen not only to treat the diaper rash at the moment that it comes up but also to deal with the care of the delicate baby skin daily and preventively. To stimulate the natural regeneration of the skin after each portion of pee or shit by hydrating and nourishing the skin.

The 2 products in the Baby & Toddler baby bum range ensure that the bums are protected and cared for every diaper every day. Buttiezzz Daily, daily, as standard care, and Buttiezzz Intense with diaper rash. Preventive treatment keeps the skin strong and diaper rash can stay away longer and be less painful. In case of nappy rash, there is an intensive treatment that allows diaper rash to be resolved faster and the sensitive and painful skin quickly heals.